Friday, April 30, 2010

To-Nap OR Not-To-Nap?

Carter's game last Saturday was at the most inopportune time of 2:30. So the big question was to nap or not-to-nap for a young 3  year old who loves his sleep. After a busy morning, I opted for the nap. When I went to wake him up an hour later, he was dead asleep and didn't want to budge. I carried him to the car and when we arrived at the fields, it was instant sob fest and not wanting anything to do with playing soccer.
To make it even more special, we had all 4 of the San Antonio grandparents in full attendence to watch the melt down. All he wanted was hugs.
Finally after a few negotiations, he finally hit the field for the second half.
Once he woke up, he was happy as a lark and got to go spend the night with Ya-Ya and Gradpa at the lake to help me out since Blake was out of town for the weekend.
Great picture with Lolli and Pops! Thank you to all four of you for coming and a special thank you to my sister, Erin, for coming to the house during the game to allow Addie to continue her nap!

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Robert, Terri, John Dennis and Anna Pease said...

Our game was at 2:30 and I don't think it even lasted 30 minutes. The kids were so worn out! You'd think they'd take that into consideration when scheduling games for these little ones! We were supposed to have a make up game at 4:00 today, but we didn't make it. We were pooped from a long, busy weekend and just decided it was better for all of us to skip out! Hope we can play soon!

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