Sunday, April 25, 2010

Addie Welcomes The Terrible Two's Early!

As sweet as our two precious kids are, there are rough moments at the Brown house. As fun as it is to remember the millions of fun moments, I want to make sure we are able to remember ALL moments! And the last month has added a new dimension to that statement as Addie has welcomed tantrums to our regular routine. We are averaging one major emotional outburst a day usually around 6-7 PM. We have already had SO MANY stories to go along with these like Addie getting so upset that I gave her "milky" in the wrong sippy cup which instantly caused a breakdown that lasted over an hour and my sweet neighbor, Sakarra, was left on the playground with Carter and her son as I tried to diffuse the situation inside.
This other particular night, Addie was HORRIBLY hot and bothered that Ella had her baby and preceded to have a melt down that lasted almost an hour.
Ella even went to try and tell her sorry and to get her to calm down and Addie wanted nothing to do with her!
That also reminds me of another totally and completley different meltdown last week while we were AT ELLA'S house and Addie got so worked up (I can't remember why) and I had to escort her to the car after only being there for 20 minutes, where it took me every muscle I had and 15 minutes just to get her buckled in the car seat because she was so worked up!
Theses 2 pictures take the cake to depcit how we feel about Addie's new found habit... these were not staged and Blake had no idea I had the camera so near by. For Blake to even seem ruffled, you know that these meltdowns are NOT TOO FUN! But I have checked out 6 new parenting books from the library including "Setting Limits With Your Strong Willed Child!"
However the good news is, since I wrote this blog post 5 days ago, we have had 5 awesome days of no MAJOR meltdowns! I wish I could say that it was from alrady applying everything I read in the books but I haven't even opened them yet! (Just give me one more major tantrum and I will be up all night reading!)


The Nash Family said...

oh how we can relate...hopefully this phase will reminish soon :) let me know what u learn in the books

Jill said...

Megan, I feel your pain. My 2 are completely different. My Tyson was sooooo easy with minimum meltdowns. However, I have left many public places with a screaming not so cute blond in my arms. They started when right before she turned 2 and are still a pretty normal part of our day and she will be 3 in August. Most of them happen when we're out. She definitely struggles with "control." But we're working through them, one meltdown at a time.

Tidbits and Snippets said...

every time i scroll down to make sure i havent missed a new post: i see this one and just can't help but giggle, well bust out laughing really. meg, you captured what we all feel at least once, if not twice, a day! Man, and trey is only 1 and he is able to bring us to complete frustration at times! Everytime i see Blake in this post, i just want to hug him cause i'm like, "i know, I know, i just so know that feeling"!!!! Clue me in to any tricks you find that work!xoxo

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