Wednesday, April 21, 2010

23 months for Addie = ?

OUTDOOR WOMAN and QUITE THE EATER! She can go walk around the backyard completley by herself for 45 minutes. She will throw the balls for the dogs and then walk to the far end of the yard and help Smokey find them.
DARE DEVIL! I was fixing dinner in the kitchen this week and Addie said, "Mama... mama... look!" This is what I found...
Her absolute passion the last month has been Megan's belly and the "baby" inside. She wakes up and goes to bed at night singing about, "Mama, Da-da, Buba, Ella & Ella's Mommy's Baby."
She talks Megan into pulling up her shirt any chance she can get! I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE THIS PICTURE of Megan and Addie!
Addie - your 23rd month has been so good in so many ways, but this month has brought on a not-so-good thing. (But we won't ruin this fun post with too many details... I'll save those for later!)

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alicia/brandon said...

your camera takes the best pictures!

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