Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Addie's 1st Birthday Tea Party

After reading a friend's blog from 5 months ago, I knew for our own sanity and enjoyment, we were going to keep Addie's 1st Brithday celebration small! Although we did it simple... we did it in GRAND style and had a "TEA PARTY" for Miss Addie complete with 'not-so-hot' hot chocolate embellished with toppings like Oreo stir sticks, marshmallows, rainbow sprinkles, pink wafer cookies, and whip cream! The girls had feather boas!

The Grandma's representing... Lolli and MeMe... don't they look great!?!?
The royal guests making their tea - Cousins Carson, Macy and Marshall! Thanks for coming!

Heather, Diane and I had so much fun making Addie's 2 CAKES the night before! The crazy thing was Addie wanted to have NOTHING to do with them... so we didn't press the issue too much! But she loved it when we sang Happy Birthday to her!

One of the best things about the entire day was having Blake's sister, Heather and Chris along with Cousin Carson and Meme in town the entire weekend to celebrate! We love you guys!

May 16, 2009

Dear Addie,

Happy First Birthday Party Day to you baby girl! We had a special tea party for you. Your cousins Macy, Marshall and Carson were there. You got to invite one friend, of course, your best friend Ella Perkins, however, her first birthday party was later that same day and she had to take a nap. Her mom and dad, Megan and Mike, came to help celebrate with you. Mema was here from Lindale, as well as Aunt Heather and Uncle Chris. Mema, Aunt Erin and "Loli" were here. Unfortunaltey YaYa and Grandpa had to be in California.

We had a complete tea party with sugar free hot chocolate, marshamellows, "Oreo stir sticks," sprinkles and lots of other toppings. The girls had feather boas and it was just tons of fun! It was the perfect 1st birthday party for a 1 year old.
You are such a beautiful one year old and so, so sweet!


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Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Addie! Let me know if you can figure out how to hit "pause". They are growing up too fast. I love the tutu by the way. I still have to get the material to make one.

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