Saturday, May 23, 2009

Addie's Special Day!

Addie's 1st birthday - May 20, 2009 began with Carter getting her up and telling her happy birthday!
We then got some special text messages wishing Addie a happy 1st birthday and checked the blogs to find some birthday wishes from Cousin Carson and Addie's Best Friend - Ella! So sweet!

Uncle Scott came in all the way from Tyler for Addie's birthday... just kidding but he was here for all the festivities including our family tradition of of Birthday breakfast!
Carter making Addie's special breakfast!

Nothing like a 7AM Birthday Party!
We had lots of play time together before going to school.

When we got to school, we found all kinds of decorations for Addie's birthday, including cards from her friends Ella and Jack. One of the teachers in another room surprised her and made a special "Happy 1st Birthday" sign!

Instead of birthday cake, we brought "PUFFS" for all the kids to celebrate!
Even Ella wore her special shirt for Addie's big day!

After lunch, the 3 of us went to her 1 year doctor's visit!

She loves walking every where. We even got some time to practice walking before Dr. Cuming came in. She looks so close but then falls down to her knees to crawl!
She got a clean bill of health. She is the 90% percentile for BOTH HEIGHT and WEIGHT! 22 lbs and 11 oz and 30.5 inches! Dr. Cuming says she is tracking to be 5'7"... we will see!

That afternoon after a long nap, we headed to the pool for some more birthday fun! She amazes us in the baby pool... she has unbelievable confidence and takes off trying to walk CONSTANTLY... even if she falls and goes under a little, she jumps right back up and tries to take off again... we need some of this confidence on dry land!!!
With all the excitement of the day, Addie wasn't quite ready to go to bed and decided to stay up playing to nearly 10PM! She just didn't want her BIG DAY to ever end. We promise there will be many more Baby Girl... we love you and your famous laugh so much... happy first birthday Addie!
May 20, 2009

Dear Addie,

Happy REAL 1st birthday baby girl! We woke up this morning and Carter went in first and wished you a happy birthday. We then made you a special birthday birthday complete with pancakes. Uncle Scott (Lay) was in town and we all got to spend the morning just playing together.

When we took you to school, Ella and her mommy had made you a super special sweet birthday card. One of the girls, Analyse, had made you a huge glittery sign. Your "boy friend" Jack Putnicki had made you a card as well. We brought a full can of "Puffs" to celebrate with all your class!

Even though you aren't walking by your first birthday, your curls are growing so fast and are so beautiful. For your first birthday, I made you a fun "tu-tu" out of pink and chocolate brown tulle - so cute!

You are just precious.

I love you!

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Lauren said...

Looks like a fun day!

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