Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Perfect Day at Home with JUST ONE SUPER FUN OUTING!

It was just what we wanted... a lazy day with the kids doing absolutly nothing but just hanging out! However we were so looking forward to mid-day and our cousins Macy and Marshall's 6th and 5th Birthday parties at a place we had never been - PUMP IT UP!

We are so incredibly blessed to have Macy and Marshall less than a mile away and get to see so much of them. We couldn't ask for better older cousins for Addie and Carter to grow up with. They are such great kids with great manners and respect for everything. Thank you for allowing Blake and I to learn from the 2 of you and your parents on this amazing journey of raising well-behaved and loving children! Happy Birthday Macy and Marshall! We LOVE YOU!
Blake and I each did these blow up slides and obstacle courses a dozen time each with BOTH the kids! They couldn't get enough! I couldn't believe how enormous these slides were and how fast you went down! Below Addie thinks she is ready for THE RATTLER at FIESTA TEXAS!
We are quickly discovering that Addison is TOUGH!!!! WOW... she surprises us more and more everyday! She was all over the place being thrown around and falling down and would just laugh her laugh and get up for more! We LOVE it!
Carter was a little overwhelmed for about 10 minutes right when we got there! But after warming up with some balls and going down the slide once, we couldn't stop him! It was the best place on earth for Carter and Addie BOTH!
Uncle Sean took Carter on the slide a couple of times however after that, Carter wanted to do it with the 20 other big kids himself!

Let's just say, when we got home around 4, I HAD TO GO DOWN FOR A 2 HOUR NAP out of shear exhaustion... I kid you not! BUT Carter was on a sugar high! ;)

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