Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trip to Dallas to See Cousins!

We went to Dallas last weekend, our first trip since the weekend before we found out we were pregnant with Addie! We were there for Blake's twin brother, Clint and his wife Jessy's baby shower. Baby "Brown" should be here anytime in the next several weeks!
This is Heather, Addie and Carson. Far cry from the first time they met!

Kaylee, Carter and Sean! Uncle Clint and Addie.

Addie walking with a walker! I am such a bad mom... I have totally forgotten to bring out the walker here in San Antonio for Addie! No wonder she won't be walking by her first birthday day! My fault baby girl! Glad Aunt Hey-Hey had one for you in Dallas!

This is what happens to kids when you leave Blake and Clint in charge! lol!

1 comment:

Lauren said...

I am a bad Mom. I didn;t get the walker out on purpose. I don't want Jackson to start walking!

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