Thursday, May 7, 2009

We LOVE You Grandma George!

It is important to us that Carter and Addie always remember their beautiful Rosemary Ensch George. Blake's mother's mom. She passed away April 24, 2009.

Rosemary was so such an integral part of her 3 grand kids lives' and was always so proud of Heather, Clint and Blake. She kept every single news paper clipping of them growing up and had scrap books of them. "Grandpa" John and her moved to Tyler from Kansas for the grand kids when were very young just to be around them as they grew up. Heather, Clint and Blake would spend every summer at their house stirring up trouble. Grandpa and Grandma would come to EVERY single sporting game any of them ever had and bring their famous "ice cooler" which contained "pop," ham and cheese sandwich, "cheese-on-cheese crackers" and a Hershey's bar for them and their friends to enjoy. Their grand kids' education was very important to her and she was very proud of all 3 of their accomplishments!

We are going to miss you!

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