Friday, January 2, 2009

"It's like we have a 3rd child!"

Those were Blake's words 2 nights ago when we got the best Christmas present charged, up and running! With the Christmas money we received from some of our wonderful family, Blake and I bought a ROOMBA... simply the best invention ever for a family with 2 kids, dogs and wood floors everywhere! Thanks Nancy, Dad & Grandma George!

Blake made that comment because without realizing it, I was following the vacuum from room to room to see where it goes, how much it picked up, how long it stayed in each room, etc... I really feel like "The Jetson's" with this thing. Now, I am not claiming it is perfect or cleans up everything... but if it cleans up as much as it did every night as it did the first couple of days... then my life is definitely changed for the better!

Here are some of the kids favorite toys so far.... Carter had his first ride in what he calls his "new car seat" today and loved it. I just love the fact that one of the best safety & reviewed car seats doesn't cost as much as the last one did! And he loves the cup holders!

This is Addie in one of her favorite toys.... a walker... she absolutely LOVES it and can go through out the entire house and find us all. I was super surprised when she immediately started moving forward! You go girl! You might be walking sooner than we thought! ;)


The Perkins Family said...

Ella needs to try out her walker! Thanks for coming over tonight and giving me some company!

Lauren said...

Except that kid actually cleans up messes instead of making them!

The Nash Family said...

Glad to see Addison on the move. I knew she had it in her, just needed to be motivated. Look out everyone.

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