Monday, January 5, 2009

Night out at the ballpark.

Friday night was so beautiful outside that we BBQ'd and gave Carter his one last Christmas present. With all the commotion of Christmas, he didn't even get to open the one gift he had from us! So we made a night of it.
I just love the fact that we can be outside cooking out in January! I LOVE TEXAS! And boy does Carter LOVE corn on the cob.... he ate 2 whole ones by himself!
He loved the T-Ball set and got the process down within 10 seconds. You step on the plate and the ball automatically loads! So cool....
My wonderful neighbors Skarra and Diane had been telling me about the NB Children's Museum, so we loaded up and took a trip Saturday morning. It was everything they said and more! Wow... why can't SA have something as good as this?
The problem was we probably only experienced 20% of what it had to offer because Carter just wanted to be outside... so notice I have no pics of him indoors playing with all the amazing creative things they had.... next time perhaps!!!

1 comment:

Lauren said...

What a cool toy! You could almost put a baseball field in your backyard too!

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