Saturday, January 31, 2009

Swimming in January?!?!

We had such a fun night out on Saturday night with some close friends at Aaron's 6th birthday party! It was amazing to have both kids in the pool in the middle of the winter! Thanks Aaron for inviting us for such a cool night out!
Carter was a little hesitant for about 5 minutes about putting his head under but after he warmed up to it, you seriously could not keep him out of it. They had a great big slide that he went down on his own and didn't mind going under for that. He wore Blake out by the end of the night! We can't wait to spend tons of time in the water this summer!
Addie got to debut her new bathing suit.... so cute (this suit is size 24! I told her all swim suits run small!?!?!??!)
Julia and Addie got to have some great bonding time!
The fun White Family was in full force! That was the exact time 3 years ago to the minute that Ava was born.... Happy Birthday Ava! Blake, Carter and Addie had a blast at your party earlier that day!

Addie absolutely LOVED the water! She kept lunging for it if we were standing over it! Definitely a natural water baby!

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KK said...

So true baby girl! Don't even think about that swimsuit size, they are ALWAYS wrong. You learn to cut out the tags :)

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