Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to Normal Never Felt So Good!

The last week has been so wonderful with Addie feeling so much better. We have just been having fun and playing. One thing we have noticed, now that she is back to 100%, is her appetite has significantly increased. And suddenly eating solid foods has become second nature and no problem at all. Like many things, Addie is on her "own time" and feels no pressure to be an over-achiever! We love it and love the fact we are still able to enjoy her snuggling and her being fairly calm and not as mobile quite yet!
Carter has simply been amazing and 24-25 months has quickly become my new favorite age for him! He has been such a joy to be around and listens so well. His attachment to "daddy" has decreased some and he actually has found out that mom is pretty cool to hang out with too!! ;)
Here are a few pics... and for you Me-Me, yes...we are all right down here... sorry it has been a week since I have updated the blog. I promise you, your babies are doing great and can't wait to see you!

Where did the ball go? Addie loves balls just as much as Carter!
The kids love playing in the game-room with some of their wonderful Christmas presents. We just pulled out the Ride and Spin Pony/TV video game from Macy and Marshall! Carter had fun practicing his shapes, colors and animals while bouncing.... even Addie wanted to try. This will be perfect for her in about 6 months!
Addie just relaxing with Maverick!
The ultimate fun... a ball-pit!


KK said...

I love the pick of her with Maverick!!!

Lauren said...

I love the one of them biting the toy together. I am glad she is feeling better.

The Nash Family said...

Bath time and a ball pit.... doesn't get any better for those brown kidos TooCute!!

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