Thursday, January 1, 2009

East Texas + December = LEAVES

As most of our family and close friends know, Blake's dad (Lance) had triple bypass open heart surgery less than 3 weeks ago so we headed up to see him the day after Christmas for almost a week!
One of the first days, I decided to bleach the entire house (bachelor pad) and got a little carried away and literally "burned my lungs" while cleaning the tub and toilet. I had to have almost every window and door opened in the house and we all had to evacuate for a few hours! It was bad... but I guarantee not a germ is alive!
So we went outside and started cleaning up there... we started with the leaves... this is a before and after of just one part of the yard!
Then Blake took on the gutters!
So this meant lots of fun for Carter in the leaves!
Trying to keep Carter in check, we had lots of fun making up fun games for him at at Pa-Pa's house! Here we are with "hat over the head and walk around when you can't see game!"
Then it was "bring the enormous rake inside game!" Lots of "grocery shopping in the driveway game"!
We took a nice break to go and visit Great Grandma George and bring her some Christmas presents!
Lots of time to practice crawling!

We're just so happy that Pa-Pa is feeling as well as he is and hope that rehab goes well, which started yesterday!

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Lauren said...

Nice work! That was a lot of leaves!

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