Friday, November 28, 2008

Annual Christmas Traditions...

Today, being the day after Thanksgiving, it was time to pull out the Christmas decorations for both inside and out! What a fun time of the year! Blake and I have looked forward to it... he had been wanting to do outside lights since early October!
We started a tradition last year that Carter got his own tree in his room to decorate. I took the liberty of going with a "Sporting Ball" theme and I think it paid off because today when we pulled out all the decorations... he went nuts. So now, we are in the midst of teaching him that they are just to look at and not to touch. He has done great so far! He wants to sit and do everything right next to his tree... like read books! Since he has seen all the decorations around the house the last couple of days... when we tell him to pick out books to read, he has brought us all his Christmas books... such a smarty and in the Chirstmas Spirit already! :)
Here is Carter hanging the new football he got to pick out this year for his tree!

Then it was off shopping for Addison's tree decorations. She picked out pink balls of all types and butterflies... we think she did great! Here she is hanging the last ball.

Here was just some good times hanging out all together afterwards!

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