Thursday, November 20, 2008


This has been one of those weeks of travel for us. I was in beautiful Phoenix, AZ Monday-Wednesday... too bad it was spent mostly in a meeting room. I hate how they send you to these beautiful resort/spas and you hardly see the light of day. However we did have a yummy dinner on Monday at Roy's and hung out by a campfire at the resort on Tuesday night. The resort was on a Indian Reservation.... just beautiful. So I landed at 6:30 last night and Blake had taken off early that same morning for beautiful and quite smelly Lubbock and Amarillo.

By the way... Blake ate last night at the World Famous Big Texan off Route 66! Ask him about his Limo ride to the restaurant!

He lands tonight and we are off on our first big 5 hour drive with 2 kids to Tyler for Blake's brother, Clint's wedding!
During the gap of one of us parents being in town yesterday, Ya-Ya and Grandpa Joe, picked up the kids, gave them dinner and baths... all by the time I got home from the airport... wow was I seriously impressed!!!

It is so sweet to see Carter with Grandpa... they were outside at the park (in the pitch black) last night playing. Carter gave me a big hug and then wanted immediately back in Grandpa's arms! Inside Addie was happy as can be with Ya-Ya!
Carter and Grandpa watched "Cars," notice how close Carter kept moving towards Grandpa and how he had his arm on him at all times!

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