Monday, November 3, 2008

A Day in the Life of Carter!

Carter is at a super cool age (well...... at least most of the time!) Definitely not this morning at our first "play-date" with some of our neighbors! ;)) But for the most part... a couple things that we have recently noticed....

  • He definitely still wants Blake and I both at his side most of the time... this is solidified in the last 2 weeks of him saying..."sit down!" (always right next to him.) Also if we step out of the room and say he is in his high-chair... he will say "ma-ma" or "da-da" continuously until we return. Another example, if he is watching "Cars" sitting on the couch in the living room and I get up to go to the laundry room.... he will immediately get up and come find me.

  • He understands the difference between yelling and "inside voice," even if only for 5 minutes! If I remind him that he can't yell because Addie is sleeping, he will immediately bring his voice level down to a whisper (for a few minutes!) Pretty cool!

  • He still hasn't gotten frustrated with Addie if she cries... even in the car! This is pretty amazing. Yesterday she was fussing in her swing as I was cleaning him up after dinner. Once I let him down, he ran over to her on his own and handed he some rings she likes to chew on... I was amazed!
  • He notices when things are out of place... for instance at daycare for the last month, they have had pumpkins sitting together out front. Well, last week, they had all been moved and he immediately pointed and said "uh-o," noticing they were different. We have also noticed he likes to line up his grapes or stack his food. Alos he recently today pointed out that one of the light bulbs was out in the breakfast room lighting fixture and wanted me to fix it quickly! (The books say this is completely normal behavior!!! ha-ha) Yet another example of the order he is so big on from tonight... I was standing outside the bathtub with his towl asking him to stand up so he could get out and he said "NO... CLEAN UP!" He wanted to pick up all his toys before he got out! A 2 year old after my heart...... (so swesome... do you think this will continue into the teens???!!?)
  • Physically... in the last 2 weeks.... he will kick (dribble) the soccer ball across the parking lot next to our house and yell "I've got it!" and drop kick any ball. We can also toss him a medium size ball from about 4 feet away and he will hit it with a bat more than 60% of the time. (Blake just beams!)


conniealheli said...

Too cute!

Lauren said...

He is getting so big! I love the suitcase pics. What a cutie!

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