Saturday, November 1, 2008

Starwars Halloween

Our 48 hours of Halloween celebration started with out 2nd annual family celebration at The Dominion!

Mema was there for the festivities!

Carter's first time trick or treating since he was 10 months old (last year) and I have to say he was a little hesitant here walking up to the lady for the first time... but that timidness was gone in an instant when he discovered what "Trick-or-treat" results in! (Just notice how every single photo from this point in the night on, Carter has this lollipop in his mouth!)

These were the kids (Carter, Cousins Macy and Marshall and Addie) sitting next to each other... we took this same shot a year ago exactly! (minus Addie) I need to find it to compare!

Then we started a new tradition for Halloween evening... to have dinner with friends out in the front yard and hang out with the neighbors! Here is Carter, Ella, Addie and Drew!

1 comment:

Lauren said...

That looks like fun. I like the front yard party idea and I love their costumes!

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