Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Brown Family Thanksgiving '08 in Tyler/Lindale!

We got in around 1AM Friday morning. The kids were rock stars in the car for nearly 6 hours! We started our Friday visiting Pa-pa at work!

Carter rolled tires with Pa-Pa and thought that was so cool!

Then we took Addie to meet Great Grandma George for the very first time!
That night, we headed over to Scott and Krista's, where Carter had a blast playing with Cade and Maddox! Scott, Blake and the kids before they left for wedding day errands!
Cute pic of Heather and Carson!
What Me-Me's living room looked like with the babies around!
All dressed up at the wedding- Carson and Addie
I thought I had come to the wedding prepared... I brought Carter's favorite... peanuts. It worked for about 60 seconds and then we had to leave the ceremony.
This was my favorite seen the whole wedding night... Carter playing with his two new cousins - Sean and Kaylee.... all 3 of their laughs were infectious! Sean was amazing with Carter always trying to entertain him!
Us 3 sister in laws - Jesse, Heather and me
Thanksgiving Family Photo in the leaves.... wow... is that the awesome part of being in East Texas for the fall... beautiful leaves and fall colors everywhere!
How cute do the boys look... right out of a catalog!

The 6 of us! All old and married with kids! (But we can still have some fun!)

Lance and his 3 kiddos!
This was Thanksgiving Dinner number 1 for us! Yummy Greenburg smoked turkey... it was one of "Oprah's Favorite Things" a few years back... right from Tyler, TX!! Pa-Pa a.k.a. Lance sends us home with a whole new one every year! Thanks Pa-Pa!
Everyone called Blake the "Kid Whisperer" while we were there... if Blake was in the house, all 5 of the kids were more than likely surrounding him!!! :)
This is Aunt Jesse, Clint's beautiful new wife!
Aunt Sharon (Diane's (Me-Me's) sister) came all the way in from Wichita, KS to spend Thanksgiving with us! She remembers clearly reading to Heather, Clint and Blake "Spooky Old Tree," so she had all the nephews and nieces around to read it again!
Carter and Aunt "Hey-Hey" got lots of good tickle-time in!
I told Addie this is THE ONLY time she is allowed in a bathtub with 2 other boys! We had such a great time with them all together! We reminisced back to last year when Heather and I were pregnant about how fun it was going to be Thanksgiving '08 with all 3 of them! It sure was!
Cousin Carson knows how infatuated Carter is with balls and bought these matching PJ's... we have officially started a new Thanksgiving tradition of matching PJ's!
Me-me was the most AMAZING host for us all 5 days. We love spending time there with you and since the car ride there and back was so incredibly smooth... we will be back sooner than we thought!! :)

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