Saturday, June 2, 2012

Birthday Morning Traditions!

As Addie's two week birthday reign on the blog, I didn't want to forget the memory of her actual birthday morning. It was SO nice that it fell on a Sunday AND MeMe was in town for the BIG day! Of course, Addie chose her special breakfast to include her ultimate FAVORITE food right now.... PANCAKES. But since it was her fourth birthday, we stepped it up a notch and made them with lots of mini chocolate chips and even some whip cream, neither of which she had ever had with pancakes before!
 Then she opened gifts from all of us!
 Meme puts such thought into all of her grand kids presents each year and this year was no different. Apparently, Addie had told Meme on several occasions, she really wanted a princess castle. Well, Meme waved her magic Meme wand and arrived a beautiful wooden castle that both she and Carter couldn't get enough of.

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