Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Carter - Pre-K Graduation

On May 31, Carter officially became a Kindergartner as he received his "diploma" for completing Pre-K. A year ago, we made a very difficult decision to leave the only childcare/daycare home that we had known since Carter was 10 months old. It was decision that weighed heavy on our hearts, primarily because we were leaving many of our best friends and new friends we have just started to become close with. 
But we knew with out a doubt a change was needed and Carter needed to be in a positive and loving environment where he could thrive and focus on learning through fun in these super formative couple of years. We were blessed to find a new home with these four teachers above. Most have their degrees in early childhood development or are in school now to get it. Their passion for teaching, unbelievable patience and ability to tune into each child as an individual teaching to their strengths was what impressed us the most. 
Ericka and Andrea, his two main teachers. Carter definitely melted the heart of Andrea and he could always count on her to pat him to sleep each and every day, something he NEVER gets at home... what a treat!
After the four teachers read the Dr. Seuss book, "The Places You Will Go," and they each got up to receive their diplomas, we all had ice cream sundaes to celebrate. Here, Carter is with Robby and Aaron.
We love you our special little man!
Now, we are welcoming the world of summer camps in anticipation of Kindergarten to begin August 27, 2012!

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