Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New stollers, Biggest Blow Out Ever and weight gain!

We love our awesome new double stroller that Grandpa Bill and Nancy gave us. I was so nervous that Carter wasn't going to like sitting belted in since we have hardly used a stroller since he could walk. But he surprised me and has loved getting in it and going on walks! The great thing about it is that it is narrow enough to go through all doorways!

OK, so I have been visiting complete strangers blogs and have been cracking up over some of the funny stories they write about. As Blake, Carter, Addie and I were out shopping this weekend at Home Goods and TJMAX, I had one of those experiences where as soon as it happened, I was thinking that this is one of those "blog stories" that I die laughing at... but it was really happening to me.

So, I am for the first time in months looking at some cute clothes on a rack and Addison is 10 feet away inside her car seat which is sitting on the shopping cart. Blake and Carter had been shopping somewhere else in the store. Blake walks up to me and says "What is dripping under Addie's seat onto the floor?" I said, "I don't know... it must be coming from the roof, move her." Well, the dripping followed the cart and Blake and I discovered that our sweet, innocent, beautiful child was dripping from her diaper through the car seat she was sitting in (which is VERY patted with thick fabric!) Yes... I can say after having 2 children in the last 18 months, the worst blow out I have ever experienced. I think we handled it like pros, without talking we went into motion naturally as I quickly gave Blake and Carter my purchases and Addie and I headed for the door! No wonder she had been wide awake and not asleep as she should have been!

For anyone that knows Carter, he was a rapid weight gainer as a infant from day 1, like Addison, he never lost any weight at the hospital as majority of newborns do. Well, while at Carter's 18 month old check up, I asked to weigh Addison and as I guessed, she was 11.1 pounds, at exactly 4 weeks. WOW! Well, later, when I got home, I opened up Carter's baby book to compare her 4 week weight with his. Keep in mind she weighed almost a 1/2 pound less than him at birth. I was SHOCKED to find at the EXACT same 4 weeks of age, Addison weighs 1 pound and 1 oz MORE than her BIG brother! Carter better watch out!


Lauren said...

Remember the diaper I changed in the parking lot at La Peep? Thanks for the laugh!

The Brown Family said...

That is hilarious... yes I will always remember Le Peep... I haven't eaten there since!

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