Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Carter's 18 month appointment!

Balls are still Carter's true passion as a trip to TJMAX this weekend brought 2 more balls home to our house. (Just what we needed... that brings our total balls in house to around 96.) We got Carter this floating basketball hoop to take to the pool, it has now even made its way into the bathtub! We seriously can't go anywhere or do anything (even a bath) without a ball and hoop involved!

Aunt Julie, Uncle Sean and Cousins Macy and Marshall brought over a TON of toys for Carter. His favorites for sure are the "Weebles!" I am ready to turn our "Pool Room" upstairs into Carter and Addison's "Game Room!" Before Carter (B.C.) I used to say that I wouldn't let our living room turn into a toy box... but that is harder done than said!

So, in the last 2 weeks Carter has become OBSESSED with ELMO. He wakes up saying "ELLLLLL-MO" and wants to be watching him at all times. It is sorta a good thing in this 100 degree hot weather. Instead of going outside to play at 5PM when it is the hottest, we can get him to watch Elmo for a minute and cool off! My good girl friend Cara intoduced me to the library, where I now get 5 new Elmo videos for Carter every week. I don't know how people buy DVD's, Blake and I get seriously sick of them after just a couple of days of watching them over and over!

Wow... can you believe Carter is 18 months old.... I can't. It seemed like yesterday that he was Addie's size. Carter was given a clean bill of health from Dr. Cuming. Just a small case of eczema or very dry skin that causes the rash on his face he sometimes gets after being out in the hot sun! We are just putting lots of lotion on him (which he hates!) He even got a Polio shot and didn't even flench... Motrin an hour before does wonders!! :)


Lauren said...

I can't believe my baby Carter is 18 months!

The Brown Family said...

I know, we were just talking about you all and Ryan last night at the pool. I was trying to get Carter to eat blueberries and I was telling him that his buddy Ryan used to be obsessed with them. They were a no go to Carter... we will try again!

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