Monday, June 9, 2008

Big Weekend at the Lake!

The weekend started out with Carter's first ride with Grandpa Joe on the John Deere. Look closely and you will see Carter was not too happy and for the rest of the day was terrified of the lawn mower while the guys were mowing. I am sure next time we are up there, he will be begging to ride it.
He did enjoy being pulled by dad all around the huge yards in this "ATW Off Road wagon" through all the sprinklers in the yard. His mouth was wide open with his tongue hanging out while Blake made 20 huge loops around the yard.
This was a picture of Addison on her first boat ride at Lake LBJ. Don't ask her anything about it since she slept the entire 45 minutes!
Now Carter on the other hand, was wide awake and looking at everything he could. Carter also rode one of the new Jet Skis this weekend. Stay tuned for more pictures once I get them off of YaYa's camera. He was on them with Blake for 30-45 minutes and started getting real comfortable with it trying to put it in reverse, take the key out while going and putting his hands on the handles. I have a feeling by the 4th of July, he is going to be saying "More See-Doo" all weekend!
This was the first picture of the 4 of us after the boat ride. It was super windy this weekend but it was so wonderful to be up there!

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Lauren said...

What a cute little family:)Looks like a fun weekend.

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