Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day and More Pictures!

Father's Day 2008. We had my dad over and we cooked the best sausage and baby back ribs in the world! We cooked the ribs for 4 hours!! YUM! What a better Father's Day than having the 3 most important guys in your life on the couch with their eyes glued to the TV watching Tiger Woods force a playoff... talk about excitement in the house!
Here is Danielle and Nancy with Addie!
Erin entertained Carter outside in the 100 degree heat! He loved eating ice out of her cup!
Last weekend, Grandpa Bill and Danielle had dropped off a Spurs jersey for Carter!
Aunt Erin came over last week to bring me the entire 6 seasons of Sex in the City to enjoy while I am at home!
This is where we are usually from 8PM-11 PM every night, while Addie has her colicky time everyday. She loves being wrapped up and outside... the hotter the better. The colic has gotten a little better since I stopped eating Sprite and milk and started drinking Camomele tea (sp?)
Addie and her wonderful dad!
For Father's Day, the 3 of us surprised Blake and bought him a new self propelled lawn mower for our enormous yard. He was so excited, he mowed the lawn when it didn't even need it in the middle of the day. He said it was the "smartest" machine he had seen. Apparently it does some pretty neat things.

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