Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Witte Game Dinner.

Last March, a friend and Lilly coworker, Jody Lutz called and asked if Blake and I would chair the Witte Museum's Game Dinner Silent Auction Committee for 2009. Last night and 7 months later was the wonderful and successful evening and we celebrated!
Blake and I asked friend's Elizabeth and Kevin Cox to co-chair the committee with us. Along with our other 10 couples, we set a goal of $50,000 of donations from all over the community. We knew in this economy it was going to be more difficult this year as many businesses have drastically cut back on donations. However, we took the assignment head on as a team!

I am so proud of our committee and we ultimately ended up collecting nearly $52,000 in fantastic items. Several of our silent auction items were taken and used in the live auction packages!

This is my "real" husband and "work" husband. Blake and Derek.
We ate the night away. Venison enchiladas, amazing papaya, quail cooked 3 different ways and every other game meat you could think of. The presentation was spectacular.

Our good friend and fellow committee member, Ben McPeak was the entertainment for the night. We danced the night away to his great music.

A special thanks to our committee members - Megan and Mike Perkins, Maria and Archie Lopez, Terri and Ben McPeak, Terri and Robert Pease, Derek and Ashlee Tarin, Sakarra and Barry Biggs, Christin and Rob Gish, Emily and Clint Forney, Heather and Cody Aimes and Cara and Anthony Battaglia. I think the 24 of us make a GREAT team! We had so much fun last night.

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