Monday, October 12, 2009

South Texas Maize... Finally Fall is Here.

We had a super fun outing in Hondo at the South Texas Corn Maize. It was so nice and cool and very muddy. We finally welcomed the fall weather after a long hot summer. There were so many activities for the kids... these are just a few of them.
Carter loved jumping on the popcorn jumper!
We took a real hay ride out to the pumpkin patch.

The boys ran wild in the tall grass and went to look at the cattle.

The girls gathered pumpkins.

We played games with the ducks and water and slid down the slide.

We loved petting the goats... Addie kept yelling "dog" at them. No use arguing with a 16 month old.

Carter had a ball jumping the hay bales.

The girls chased eachother around the string maize.
And after all that... we didn't even get to do the famous hour long 10 foot tall corn maize. I guess we will have to go back next year!


The Perkins Family said...

You got some really cute pictures...I love the group picture of us and the kids. And I have some good family pictures for you! We'll have to trade this week! Have a good week...we've been spoiled with the 3 day weekend!

Tidbits and Snippets said...

What a neat neat place! I"ve never heard of it? How far from San Antonio, that will give me an indication of how far from Houston. We rented that house again in Hunt, the week after Christmas through the New Year, I believe we go home on Saturday...hopefully we can visit!! XOXOme

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