Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy 34 months to Carter!

I can't believe in 2 short months you will have your 3rd birthday. You are still such a sweet, sincerely loving little boy! You have definitely continued to be very sensitive at times especially in new environments or when you wake up from a nap. We often comment that you have these incredibly over the top amazing moments of affection and sweetness towards everyone and then these moments of just pure emotional breakdowns, as if it is the hardest thing being this age. However, we have recently noticed you are becoming VERY outgoing with people, who in the past, you have taken a few minutes to warm up to. Like Uncle Mike, Grandpa, Pops and PaPa. We love it.
Favorite Things at this age: Favorite TV's shows: "Super Why," "Little Einsteins." "Backyardigans," "Preschool Prep Company Sight Word Videos; Favorite Toys: Trains, mini race cars and trucks, tricycle rides, Favorite Books: My First Picture Encyclopedia and any BOOKS, BOOKS, and more BOOKS! Sea World is a great age for him, he sits super still and interested in shows, loves the penguin and dolphin exhibits and the nets, tunnels and slides in the kid play area! (Really starting at 2.5 he loved shows!)

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