Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Fun Than A Playground!

We had 10 yards of good dirt dumped in our yard as Blake and I took on the lofty goal of composting our yard in efforts to save nearly $400 bucks. Although, if asked while in the middle of that effort, I would have gladly written a check, Blake and I got to spend a somewhat fun day together and got a darn good workout at the same time.
Addie and Carter definitley had a wonderful fun time too, climbing up and sliding down a million times.
Addie did try to help us...
Blake and I joked, "For a task that takes such incredible physical stamina, the immediate end result is so ugly! Hopefully though, with some time and some good ol' T.L.C., goodbye weeds!
We will jokingly look back on this task in 20 years and reminisce on what we accomplished together when we were young! ;)

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