Monday, March 29, 2010

"Basketball Pants"

This has suddenly become the highest reward in our home... more coveted than ice cream or candy.  A couple of weeks ago, Carter started negotiating to get "to wear basketball pants," if he "didn't pull a card at school" (get in trouble) and he was highly motivated by it.  So everyday now, as soon as Blake or I walk into daycare to get him, he says, "I didn't have a time-out, can I go put my basketball shirt and pants on?" So we are going with it! This is the typical wardrobe scene at our house after school!
F.Y.I. (A 3 year old's definition of a "basketball shirt" is any shirt that is sleeveless and "basketball pants" are only basketball pants if they are made with that athletic fabric that has little holes in it?!?! Where did he get this?!?! 

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