Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Park City, Utah Weekend Trip

After 4.5 years since the last time we skied, we have been looking forward to this trip with such excitement. It lived up and way surpassed our expectations. We skied 2 full days at Deer Valley, which has been voted the number #1 ski resort for 3 years in a row.  We now know why, the runs were perfectly groomed, everyone was so nice, and NO SNOWBOARDERS! Which to us born skiers is heaven.... lol!
Each afternoon after skiing we would spend 2 hours in the outdoor hot tub at our amazing hotel - Hotel Park City with Jeff and Lori Crouch. Jeff is one of Blake's best friends that he works with from St. Louis and after hearing about this guy for 2 years, was thrilled to spend the entire weekend with he and his awesome wife, Lori. On this first day in the hot tub, we had nearly 2 inches of snow covering our robes by the time we got out.
Dinner Saturday night in Park City at Easy Street... the braized pork ribs and lobster macaroni and cheese were divine! Sunday night we checked into what is easily the nicest hotel I have ever stayed at in my life - The Dakota Moutain Lodge.
It was the perfect trip to celebrate our 5 year anniversery and we thank "Me-Me" for spending the weekend with Addie and Carter.


Lauren said...

I think I was born to ski too. I tried snowboarding for the last time last year. Way too many falls in one day for me!

alicia/brandon said...

skiing is definitely not my thing! Last time i went skiing was the young life trip we took in highschool! hehe! But wow what a beautiful place!!! and looks like yall had a great time! :) Happy 5th! we need to get together soon!

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