Friday, January 22, 2010

Rejuvenating Trip To Mexico with Alli!

Our 30 year old feet!

For my 30th birthday last November, Blake gave me a long weekend trip to Mexico with my best friend Alli, from college. Alli has Trey, 10 months old, and this was her very first trip away from him. This was the most perfect amount of time to spend together and we had 3 main goals to accomplish.

1. Catch up!
Although we talk on the phone on a regular basis, 20 min a week is barely enough time to dive into how the kids and work are going so when we first saw each other at 10:50 AM on Thursday at the Houston airport until we went to bed at 11PM that night in Mexico, we literally did not stop talking once except to order drinks on the plane, in the airport and at the hotel! It was so amazing how 12 hours later we were just beginning to feel reconnected.

2. Sleep!
We slept in EVERY morning, Saturday until 10:30 AM.... Wow! The only reason we got up then was to get the best meal of the day we had found, breakfast and it stopped at 11AM! We napped by the beach and each of the 2 afternoons took 2 hour late afternoon naps before getting ready for a late dinner. (When does that EVER happen?!?) On that note, eating each night at 8 or 9 PM was a major shake up of our normal 5PM dinning with toddlers! But such a welcome change for just a couple of days. Speaking of sleeping... it is not often I have slept with out 2 monitors in the same room and having a completely silent & still cabana definitely took some getting used to the first night.

These were the magazines we read while there.... I actually finished 8!!! That is as many as I finished reading all of 2009!

3. Do Nothing But Relax!
We had amazing 90 min massages that were one of the best ones we have ever had! We made a point not to be scheduled. We lingered at all our dinners and didn't worry if we didn't do something we really had talked about - like going out in our private canoe that we had delivered to our room. (lol)

The water was incredibly beautiful and if it wasn't for the dark clouds and tremendous wind that afternoon, we would have been out there enjoying the insanely clear water. Alli and I made a pact to do a trip every year, not always out of the country, however I returned home feeling re-energized feeling fresh and ready to face a new year and more importantly focus on my family and the real world. Thanks Alli for a wonderful weekend and can't wait for next year.

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