Thursday, January 28, 2010

"He's The Smallest But Definitely Has The Most Heart."

Those are the words of the YMCA referee after last weekend's game. He went on to say, "I would take that before anything on my team any day!" Carter is definitely NOT AFRAID to go after the ball, the only issue is, since he is usually to the ball first, he many times has 65 pound players on top of him. The picture below happened to be the worst of the worst so far. Look for Carter in the red shirt at the very bottom of the enormous pile.
He still makes plenty of time to horse around with Cash.
The big thing with Carter being substantially younger than every other player is combine that with his hustle and determination results in 4-5 mini break downs during the game while playing if a ball hits him in the face.
Blake and Ben are doing such an excellent job with the team and both agree that some Saturdays are better than others as far as having the attention of the players.
Before each game, the parents and players join in and say the YMCA motto about Kids First, Game Second!
A typical Carter Brown "rebound!" Hands up for a little defense!

Saying good game at the end! Mommy and Addie supporting the team!

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