Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Addie Potty Trainned Herself??!?! WHAT?!??!

Trust me.....I know... so incredibly insane before she was even 20 months.
As I type this, I know that any moment, Addie's gonna say, "Ha ha gotcha! I was just teasing!"
So this is how it happened. Less than 2 weeks ago, Addie got real interested in a "potty book" Santa brought her and wanted to read it all the time. At the exact same time, every evening before getting in the bathtub she successfully went "pee-pee" on the big girl potty and we would go crazy with praise and she would get 1 M&M or "smarties" (just like we did with Carter.)
Within a few days, she was going at least 1 time during the day at school and then 2X/day as well as at home. Then I left for Mexico on Thursday morning, she gets a horrible nasty 24 stomach bug with daddy, I come home Sunday and she is potty trained. No kidding, but from Sunday evening until I dropped her off at daycare on Tuesday morning, she was in real big girl panties and didn't have one accident except in the middle of the night. All we do is ask her every 60-90 min or whenever we think of it if she needs to go "potty?" Half the time she will nod or say "yea potty" and the other half "no."
In fact, for the last 3 mornings (Sun-Tues) she has woken up crying between 4-5 AM crying for the potty and at 4AM when I put her on it, she goes within 3 seconds.... I know! CRAZY!!! Her first day back at daycare this morning, I did put her in a "big girl pull up," so we will see how she does.
We are confident that a huge part of this must be due to Carter and her watching him. So thank you Carter... we will get you a really nice prize if this does "stick" and we save $500 dollars over the next year in diapers!


The Perkins Family said...

She needs to start talking to her BFF! Ella is hardly showing any interest!! Way to go Addie!!

The Brown Family said...

Megan - when I dropped off Addie at school yesterday she wanted to go right away and ella was standing at the door watching so I had her come in and was telling her all about it.

Lauren said...

I am so jealous! Go Addie!

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