Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Much Basketball Can We Squeeze Into One Weekend?

Game 1
Carter's very first organized YMCA basketball game with "The Little Dribblers" was this past weekend. Carter is by far the youngest player on the team, as you can see here, with most of the other players lined up. They are all 4 year old and some almost 5 besides his good friend Cash. 10 out of 11 of the boys go to school with Carter at Concordia.

I snuck into Carter's room the night before the game to make sure he was covered up since it was one of the the coldest nights ever in San Antonio at 20 degrees and found him asleep with his jersey.

Blake is the coach for the team but we are lucky to have many helpful dads to serve as coaches as well. Every Saturday we have a 25 minute "practice," followed by a 25 minute "scrimmage."

Carter had a very hard time this first Saturday morning with all the activity compounded with the recent ear pain & infection diagnosed the previous day, it made for a less than enjoyable 1st experience for Carter and us. He had 3-4 major meltdowns and had to be escorted out of the gym a couple of times. However, taking that into consideration, Carter was lucky enough to be the only player to score a basket during the game in our 2-6 loss against our first team. I hope that the second game will be much more of a positive experience with resolution of the ear pain in conjunction with knowing what to expect this Saturday morning.

Game 2
Danielle's Smithson Valley varsity game against Churchill (Carter and Addie's future high school.) The monumental event to remember at this game, unfortunately wasn't the come from behind win for Danielle's team, but rather Addison Paige learning to clearly articulate the word "NO" for the VERY FIRST TIME. ugh... wow, have our lives changed since that moment.

Game 3
My mom and Joe offered us Spurs tickets for this past Sunday and with a rare 6 PM start time, it was the perfect opportunity to allow Carter to attend his very first NBA game with his dad. We really didn't know what to expect but Blake reported back during the game that he was in complete awe of the game and would get very upset during timeouts and half time when the players were not playing on the court. He was not interested in the Silver Dancers and wanted the players back on the court! :0
Although when I asked him the following morning his favorite part of the game, he did say, "the cheese," referring to the nachos he devoured.
What a perfect way to end a memorable weekend!

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Lauren said...

I guess I should be thankful Jackson still isn't really talking...because I'm sure he would be telling me NO too!

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