Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Concordia Fall Festival

Addie and Carter's daycare had their big fall festival the weekend before Halloween. It was filled with all kinds of activities for both younger and older kids. Addie and I went on a "train-ride" in the parking lot before she met up with her classmate Jack.
She found some of her wonderful teachers that we are so blessed to have... Analiese and Elizabeth! Addison even figured out how to get one of the hottest high school boy volunteers to push her around for quite awhile in the car!

Ella and Addie both love the cars!
Carter LOVED the multiple enormous blow up slides and amazing bounce houses they had! It was very similar to Pump It Up! He almost mastered this super tall wall on the right before a big kid came racing up below him and scared him!
Eating a snow cone with dad was a hit!

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