Saturday, November 7, 2009

2nd Annual Front Yard Halloween Party & BBQ

And a fun night it was!
Here were a few of our special guests that I was able to snap a picture of...

Some of the fun homemade favors for our special guests... white chocolate lollipop ghosts, popcorn hands and cross bone tissues for my fun & modern mommy friends on the go!
My future little Heisman Trophy winner and his Pops!
The annual cousins photo.
The famous and coveted Oreo Truffles that were divine! Thanks Amy.
After a fun dinner, time on the bounce house and just hanging out with friends, it was the perfect time for our sun set trick-or-treating! Carter kept up perfectly with his cousins running from house to house and remembering his manners saying "Thank you" after each gift of candy.
After each house, Carter would turn around and in a surprised manner, yell, "I got MORE candy!"
My TOUGH but adorable football player!
SCORE! This was just after about 20 houses.

Our neighbors had this special little memento ready for us the next morning!
What a wonderful night and we can't wait for next year! I am already thinking of ideas for 2010 :)


Lauren said...

Love the invite! You are so creative. I love the eye balls too. What is on them? I will have to do that for our party next year. I hope we can make it to Carter's bday. I will let you know soon.

The Nash Family said...

WoW, looks like ya'll had a blast!
Great pics to go with the adorable invitation.

Jessica Tondre said...

Wow - you are so creative! You guys went all out, and it looks like it paid off! What a fun evening!

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