Saturday, November 14, 2009

Carter's 2 Best Bud's Birthdays!

The last 3 weeks, Carter has been on his best behavior because we were able to tell him that he had to be good in order to go to Cash's and JD's parties! For this nearly 3 year old (very rule-bound child,) it worked like a charm! We have had some of the best behavior ever.

Last weekend was Cash's highly anticipated 3rd birthday at Pump It Up. Wow, what fun it was for all kids and adults in attendance.

Happy Birthday to the good lookin' birthday boy - Cash! What a fun 2 years it has been seeing you and Carter become closer and closer.

Cash, Carter and Avery.

Today was JD's BIG DAY! It was a big baseball themed party!
The pinata was a huge hit!

Happy 3rd Birthday JD! We are so lucky to still have you in Carter's life!

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