Thursday, November 19, 2009

18 Month Old Addie.

Tomorrow, Addie is 18 months old. Seeing her in this bouncer reminded me this month that Carter was HER EXACT age when SHE WAS already 1 MONTH OLD. WOW is all I have to say...

Opening and closing doors has been a major focus the last month.

Of course, she still absolutely LOVES her Maverick.

Honestly, Blake and I couldn't imagine a 3rd child right now and find it amazing that we felt so ready to have a 2nd child when Carter was so young. (It shows what one "angel-like" baby that sleeps 20 hours a day can do!) ;) So for all you family and friends that occasionally ask about a 3rd... you can stop asking because it's happening NO TIME SOON! ;) We are enjoying these 2 beautiful and healthy babies for a LONG TIME! I want to clarify that we LOVE how close they are in age but would be (for us) insane to make it 3 this close. :)

Time is flying and Addie has had a very eventful month. 3 ear infections, a diagnosis of asthma-like breathing problems (similar to this time last year), which called for breathing treatments every 4-6 hours for 10 days.

We wrapped up her 18th month with a trip to the ENT and tubes put in just this past Monday.

She is showing a little bit of interest in the potty. So we have started praising her for sitting on the potty if she wants to.

THE PROBLEM IS, having an older brother, this is what we catch her doing most often...

She thinks she can go standing up. This one might be hard to break.
Throw in being introduced to "time-out" for the first time and you could say she has had a rough 4 weeks. Her personality at 18 months continues to be very "head-strong." Many times in the evenings, she gets very "worked up" and it takes quite a while, as well as a major distraction, to get her to calm down.

But DON'T WORRY, she's had a ton of fun too! She got to feed deer several times this month out at the Boerckel's.

She had the most eventful entry into fall and Halloween festivities ever. She got a super relaxing fall weekend at the lake complete with lots of Jeep rides.

And on top of it all, she is doing it all looking so incredibly cute! I always had thought I would love having a little toddler girl to dress up... but it is EVEN more fun than I ever imagined!
Life is good and we are enjoying every moment.


The Perkins Family said...

You are SO on top of it! It's been on my list for a week to write and post about Ella's 18 month! TONIGHT....maybe! That's what happened with 17 months and by the time I was getting around to it, she turned 18 mos! :) Looking at blogs is the only think keeping me awake at work right now! ;)

Lauren said...

We had to start time outs this week too. No interest in the potty though. I am praying it will be so much easier having a big brother to show him "the ropes." Love the pic of Addie standing by the potty.

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