Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day

We had a great weekend up at the lake with Grandpa Joe and Ya Ya and Mema. We also were so lucky to have "Pa Pa" (Lance - Blake's dad) come spend the weekend with us as well! This was the first time he had seen the kids since Addison was a week old! The weather was wonderful and it was so relaxing. I love getting away to the lake because there is nothing else to take your time away from the kids and family - no cleaning, work or things to do around the house! It is just tons of quality time together!

This was Carter's first fun experience with a Rolly Polly... too bad the Rolly Polly didn't have too good of chances with a 20 month old!

It showered for 15 minutes one afternoon and then this beautiful rainbow appeared and Carter got to see it! The past couple of weeks Carter has gotten very used to storms and thunder. It doesn't scare him at all... we talk about it all the time and at school one afternoon when I was picking him up and it was pouring, they had the door to the classroom open and were talking about what "rain" is and "thunder" so I think that is why he has no problem with the loud noises!

This is Addison's FAVORITE spot at the lake... on the porch in the swing! She can't get enough!

What a beautiful girl!

Lance and Carter and all the grandparents (and look everyone is SMILING!)

A big kiss from "Pa Pa." We have 3 Grandpa's and so this weekend, Carter made an executive decision as Lance's first born grandson and started referring to him as "Pa Pa" and Lance said he approved of the name! Hope that is OK with Carson and Addison!

Fun times with Pa-Pa!

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