Sunday, September 21, 2008

Addison's Dedication Day at Church.

Addison was dedicated at church this morning. This was a commitment service to promise to raise our daughter in the ways of the Lord. This is Addison's new cross pearl necklace that Ya-Ya and Grandpa Joe gave her for her dedication. It was a very appropriate gift as part of the sermon today, Pastor Robert talked about the meaning of the cross and how every time you see one or put one on, you should stop and say a little prayer.

These are 2 pictures of her on the big screen at church.... she was "Praising the Lord" with her hand up while Pastor Emmitt was praying that she becomes a woman of Christ and one day finds a good Holy husband!

She was in the best mood and slept on daddy's shoulder afterwards the entire church service.

It was even a more special day because we shared the experience with The Boerckel's and Perkins has they dedicated Drew and Ella in the same ceremony. It will be wonderful having all 3 kids grow up together in such a good church.

Pops - My dad and all his girls!

Carter REALLY LOVED the pancakes from Magnolia, which I think are divine as well!
My precious babies!
What a perfect day it was with so much family around and a relaxing brunch afterwards at our favorite breakfast spot! Addison was really "eyeing" MeMe's omelet.
MeMe came in all the way from Lindale for the weekend and the special service. She wrote Addison this special poem in the card she gave her...

"May God, who loves us all
Smile down upon Addison,
this child of yours.
May He guide her through
the years ahead.
May His blessings light
the pathways,
Where her tiny feet are led."

-With much love
MeMe 9/21/08

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