Monday, September 8, 2008

Grandparents Celebration at School

This was our first Grandparents Celebration at school and like every other celebration at our wonderful daycare... I underestimate it and am blown away by how special and big of an event it is when I get there. This was no different - a couple of hundred parents and grandparents it seemed like! Well, thank goodness, last Friday, I remembered to email my mom and see if she wanted to come and of course she did. Last minute... Grandpa Joe decided to change his flight leaving San Antonio on Monday morning till Tuesday so he could partake in the Grandparent's Celebrations occurring all over town for all their grandchildren... they were off to Hidden Forest and lunch with Macy right afterwards!

How special it was. Here is Carter and his class walking over to the chapel on the "Bug Rope." They go on walks several times during the day and this is what they have to hold on to. It is amazing how well they all do it.

I submitted some pictures for the slide show and they ended up doing "Grandy Awards" for some of them and Ya-Ya won the category of "Hippest Grandy" for the picture of her and Carter on the Sea-Doo! Who knew... we would have a celebrity in our family! This is a picture of them on the big screen!

Here is Carter on stage... I know it is very blurry (I didn't bring my good camera), but he did so good. He pointed and yelled "Ya-Ya and Grandpa" while they sang songs! Looks like fun with all the kids! (Carter in in the bottom center of 3 boys... all 3 are looking to the right, he is to the left of the boy in the green and white striped shirt.)

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