Sunday, August 17, 2008

MeMe's Here, Cooking, First Swim, Teething and Date Nights...

... and this was a pretty relaxing weekend! Diane (Me-Me) came in on Friday and Blake and I got 2 whole nights on the town without kids! Friday called for a shorter Marble Slab evening where we then stopped in and hung out with Mike and Megan and watched Michael Phelps come from behind and win his 7th gold!

She still has her blue eyes... we will see how long they stay! So beautiful!

Saturday we went and saw Dark Knight, the first movie we had seen together in seriously.... we can't even remember how long ago! I slept through the first 20 minutes of the movie and then woke up for the rest!

Saturday we took Addie for her first swim although she has been to the pool several times to watch her brother swim. We had to borrow one of Ella's bathing suits since I haven't been able to find Addie one this late in the season! Thanks Ella... I am sure that won't be the first outfits we share in the future!

All weekend, Mr. Carter has been VERY VERY fussy while getting his (what we hope are his last) 2 teeth for a while! Poor guy... he got away with a ton of whining and Popsicle eating this weekend!

Then Sunday, Diane helped me continue on my massive cooking goal. 2 weeks ago I made 8 dinners to freeze so we could have quick tasty homemade meals when we get home after work... they were all Mexican food themed. Today we headed to Italy and made several trays of homemade lasagna and cheese and meat filled pasta shells! As Carter would imitate "Cookie Monster" and say, "Yum yum yum yum yum!" Thanks Diane for all the help cooking and the really fun part of cleaning up! The whole house still smells like Little Italy! Addie even helped out in the kitchen and kept us company!

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Lauren said...

I love the picture of Carter in his muscle tee and visor. That kid is so stinkin' cute! Good idea on the dinner thing.

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