Sunday, August 3, 2008

Finding Some Fun This Weekend In This Texas Heat!

What a great weekend we had. The kids were in GREAT moods and so we got to go out and have lots of fun all weekend! What we consider fun has definitely changed over the years! For instance. we headed to Sears to let Carter explore and look at the riding lawn mowers. He also found the storage buildings and was able to squeeze in between them and laugh when we couldn't! We had lunch at County Line and Carter had his first 'big-stage' experience showing off what he does new this week - jumping and playing chase! Since Ya-Ya is off to New York for the week, we had dinner with her at the Club and Carter had a ball swimming and playing golf with daddy! I think Blake had more fun than Carter did. All Blake kept talking about is how soon they are going to be playing a whole round of 18 holes.... I don't know about that in the immediate future, but Carter may continue to amaze us as he does EVERY DAY!

Carter swimming with the kick board!

Ya Ya and Addie talking and laughing together after dinner! Love the Smiles!

Addie in her 'seductive' off-the-shoulder summer outfit!

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Lauren said...

It is a little funny what we consider "fun" these days!

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