Sunday, August 10, 2008

Can Weekends Get Any Better?!?!

The fun started with our first trip to this huge indoor play place for kids called Dynomoze! It was a great place for Carter to play while it was 101 degrees outside!

Addie got some good "Smiling" fun in as she watched her brother run around!

Saturday morning as we were packing up for a last minute trip to the lake, I found Carter sitting in the middle of the living room reading his Bible. It was so sweet!
We will always remember where Carter was and how old he was during his first Olympic Opening Ceremonies... he loved the fireworks!
Then it was off to a fun time at the lake, sometimes the most last minute impromptu trips are the most fun and relaxing! Addison and Carter both sleep so well there. I had to wake Addie up this morning after more than 10 hours of sleep. Carter's favorite thing to do at the lake is to stand on the balcony and wave at boats and sea doos as they go by. He yells "more" when it has been more than 20 seconds with out a boat!

I taught Carter a new trick, I ask him, "How old are you?" and he yells "ONE!" while holding up one finger... so smart!

This is a picture of the water at the lake at 6AM.... like glass... just beautiful! You don't see that much until you have kids!

As soon as we got home Sunday we had Emily and Clint, Megan, Mike and Ella Pearl over for a fun Sunday night dinner, so we got some updated pics of the kiddos together! Tomorrow is Addie's first day of daycare and I go back to work after nearly 4 months of being off!

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The Metcalf Family said...

Megan, I'm praying for your big day back to work tomorrow. I know it will be tough. Just know you're covered in prayer! I'm off tomorrow, so let me know if you need anything.

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