Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Garden Update....

2 months ago, we started our garden and this week we had our first harvest!

We picked 4 summer squash and have MANY more on the way.

Everything came up really well in late May however with the extreme 105 degree regular heat and lack of rain, only the corn, sunflowers, squash, basil and cucumbers have continued to grow!

We look forward to some beautiful gigantic sunflowers soon!

Another UPDATE: 4 months ago, Carter and Meme planted some beautiful Marigolds... good news they have made it through this record breaking drought and summer (so far!)
March 8, 2009 vs. July 9, 2009

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Robert, Terri, John Dennis and Anna Pease said...

Your garden looks better than ours! We got several squash and some basil, but now everything is dead. We watered and watered but the heat and unending sun was just too much! We are going to pull everything up and replant in late August and hope for a better fall garden!

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