Monday, October 13, 2008

Message to dad in Scottsdale, AZ....

Dear Da-Da,

Addie and I wanted to send you a little note to tell you that we miss you even though you have only been gone 1 day! We had a great Columbus Day and stayed busy all day. We went on 2 long walks and played outside a ton! We played golf (but there was a bunch of ants and mom got bit all over her toes!), so we went out front with the basketball goal in the tree. We played with Avery and Emelia at the park and I practiced my "sharing!" Mom said I did great!

Addie was acting like "snake" again sticking her tongue out all night... it was kinda annoying when mom kept saying how cute she was! ;)

Mom watched all of "Nemo" with us and she said it is the cutest movie!

I only went to timeout one time today and it was at the end of the night when I was tired. I wouldn't stop hitting a toy on the coffee table.

I miss you da-da and only said your name a 100 times today. But I had a really good time with Addie and mom! Only a few more days until I get to see you. Work hard and I love you!

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The Metcalf Family said...

Oh my goodness...that's precious! :) What a great idea!
Let me know if you need help with anything this week.

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