Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brother/Sister Bonding Time...

We have been very pleasantly surprised at how patient, kind and loving Carter is toward Addie. Surprised because I can only imagine what it can feel like for Carter to go from having all attention on him to sharing it with another little person and unlike an older child... he really doesn't truly understand yet what happened. But maybe that is why it has gone so smoothly the last 4.5 months (as far as his reaction to her). I keep saying any day now Carter will start getting annoyed by her, but so far so good.

Carter reading his "Baby" book

One thing we have been doing with Carter to work on his vocabulary is flip through regular magazines (like Parents, Money, Golf) and have him point to all kinds of different pictures he sees and knows! It is really fun. Here he is showing Addie how it is done!

Addie went in to help get Carter up one morning!

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