Friday, October 3, 2008

The REAL Superdad!

In the middle of night Tuesday, a high high temp, going from freezing cold to sweating because I was so hot, super sore throat, body aches and dizziness hit me like a ton of bricks! I haven't been this sick in several years. It literally knocked me on my bottom. I have to say that being this sick 2-3 years ago would have been no big deal, but 2 kids later and it changes EVERYTHING! Having a temperature of 103 for over 32 hours among the other symptoms... I really considered moving out of my house for the first 2 days until the antibiotic kicked in and I was not contagious... I would just feel so guilty if either one of the babies got this horribly sick. (We are still praying that they don't get sick in the next week!) My high fever finally broke yesterday at noon and already today (Fri) I am feeling significantly better. But during the last few days, super dad was here and it was so incredible while I was in bed for 48 hours straight....

On Thursday afternoon when Blake got home with both kids, I got up out of bed to find out why it was so quiet in the house and this is what I found outside.... in effort to keep it quiet for me to be able to sleep, Blake had taken Carter outside to eat dinner.... so thoughtful!

I couldn't help but smile at the outfit Blake had dressed him in that morning!

For everything you have done this week Blake...thank you so much... I am so incredibly lucky and blessed to have you as my wonderful husband and father to our kids. You will never know how much you do every single day for all of us (not just when I am sick) means to me.

This is a little thank you from Carter that he colored for you this morning before you took him to school! (You truly are his hero and hopefully you already know that!)

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