Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Wedding & Reception

March 31, 2012 My little sister and Matt getting married.
 It's so weird to shoot with a point and shoot now but I decided to really enjoy the wedding festivites and allow the 2 proffessional photographers to capture the moments. So here are my incredibly poor quality snaps shots from the night!
 My dad and his brother, Mike.
 After the ceremony, Addie did some exploring by herself and found the wedding cake in the refrigerator.
 She insisted on grabbing the newly weds to show them her "find!"
 In no time, Addie was getting to enjoy what she found!

 My dad and Erin having their first dance. Erin is a MUCH better dancer than me!

About this time of night, almost 10PM, the kid's loaded up to head to bed and the dancing really got started.

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