Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ski School!

Blake and I tool full advantage of all three of our family members being at ski school and skied hard all day.
We  took a break mid morning to "spy" on our three students...
(Above: first we found Diane, in black on the right) with her instructor about to get on the lift to the very top of the bunny slope!)
Soon we found Carter nearby going up the "magic carpet."
We knew Carter was going good when he gave us a HUGE thumbs up when he saw us.
His first few times down were a little shaky.
So we moved a few feet over to say hi to Addie. With the three year old all day care, she had her own one-on-one instructor for an hour. A week later, she still claims her favorite part of the trip was the "magic carpet."
Blake and I went on for 5 hours of more skiing and then came back and picked the kids up at 4PM. We had thirty more minutes to take Carter up a few times and see how much he progressed in his very first day of skiing.
Quickly, he became very adamant about not needing helping getting off the lift.
It was hysterical because he wanted to have these in depth conversations as he were skiing down the hill. He told me exactly how many times they went inside to eat, what he ate exactly each time, what his teacher told him... all as we were going down this one run.
He rocked it! We did this little run 4 times until they let us be the last ones to go up for the very LAST time at 4:30PM.
I'll say it was a FULL day with eight hours on the mountain!!

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